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What if we create a Holistic First Aid study group? (here- online, we could tackle a couple of issues a week. And we could link a summary of each one on the front page for reference purposes.)

Here are some of the things we do/can/have addressed at home without antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, ER visits, office visits, complications, etc.

To start- on Mondays, I'll post 2-5 minor summer injuries and some holistic first aid information and links. Everyone is encouraged to share their experiences or suggestions to address these issues. A reminder will be sent out each Monday linking to the new threads.

Everyone must use their own discretion and judgment to determine whether you are comfortable or need to seek professional assistance.

Allergies (seasonal)
Bee Stings
Bug Bites
Cuts, Scrapes
Eye Injury
Food Poisoning
Head Injury
Heat Exhaustion
Heat Rash
Jellyfish Stings
Motion Sickness
Poison Ivy
Spider Bites
Stomach Ache
Swimmer’s Ear
Tick Bites
Tooth Injury

Links will be added to the front page for reference.

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What are your most common acute health issues? Which do you wish you could treat at home? What other "first aid" issues have you come across? I'm trying to compile a comprehensive list and we'll create a cheat sheet of supplies and interventions to consider, based upon your own comfort and knowledge.

Please share holistic alternatives for addressing any of these also!!

Found this wonderful "Natural Cures Guide" site!!

And this one, "Choosing Natural Health".

And this one, "Homeopathic First Aid".

This succinct one, "First Aid Advice For Minor Injuries"

Another informative site about Natural Healing Herbs and Oils: Annie's Remedy


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Hi to all!

With pollen being at an all time high at the moment, does anyone have suggestions for children with pollen allergies? I have the kids increase their vit c intake and they do take a homepathic called BioAllers for Tree Pollen (and stay away from sugars and dairy), but I am considering using stinging nettle. Has anyone used stinging nettle for allergies? I would love to hear any other suggestions. :D
Did you already find the post about seasonal allergies? I didn't label it seasonal, I will. http://xploringholisticalternatives.ning.com/forum/topics/allergies-1

I'm in! Love the whole idea!

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