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Mix a dilution of 5 percent tea tree oil with aloe vera gel. This mixture will soothe bug bites and rashes, and will also help prevent infection.

• Dampen a Tums or Rolaids tablet and rub it on an insect bite or sting.

• Rub a paste made from commercial meat tenderizer and a little bit of water on a bite. This neutralizes the poison in just a few minutes.

• Apply fresh crushed parsley directly to an insect bit to neutralize the poison and stop the pain.

• Apply a paste of table salt mixed with water to the bite.

• A fresh cut onion quickly applied to a sting will prevent swelling and redness, and will stop the pain.

• Regular flavored toothpaste, when applied to an insect bite (especially fire ant bites) will immediately relieve itching.

Rub the bite with soap.
Apply an ice pack to the bite.
Mix baking soda with enough water to make a paste and apply to the
Apply lavender and tea tree oils with a swab.

Garlic, aloe vera, neem fruit juice, lime or lemon juice, medicated gold bond, bananas, Epsom salt paste, apple cider vinegar,

Nail Polish

Strong tea mixed with rubbing alcohol


Vinegar (apply directly to bite or take a hot bath with 2 cups of vinegar in the water)


Underarm deodorant (solid or roll-on) – apply directly to bite area

Rubbing Alcohol



Tea: Use a hot tea bag or a cotton ball soaked in hot tea to dab on bite area

Tea Tree Oil
Lavender Oil
Witch Hazel (astringent)
Cedar Oil

Arnica gel
dishwashing soap



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I'm guessing this means you want posts about what to do?

For bee stings the homeopathic remedy Ledum is great. There is also an Apis cream that helps.

Lavender EO is great for bug bites of any kind. It really helps with the itching and reduces inflammation.
Where do you get the apis cream? I have looked for it, but can't find it.

SssstingStop works well to for topical relief of itch, pain and redness. Although, if you are on a constitutional remedy you can not use it because it contains eucalyptus.

I ordered mine from Washington Homeopathics. Clara's used to carry it but they recently went out of business.


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