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Hey everyone,
There is a woman on CharlotteMommies, Carolyn Davis, who has been organizing
Group Orders from Local Farms (GO Local). She's done pork, beef and eggs. It's
a great way to get people organized to buy whole animals and avoid retail a la
carte prices for local/pastured/grass fed meat.
Anyone can order, you don't have to be on CharlotteMommies.
Deposits are required to secure your place in the order and she arranges pick up
at her house in Concord. (This is especially advantageous for Creekside Farm
since it is north of Mt. Pleasant and the meat processor they use is in
Gibbonsville VERY FAR away from Charlotte!) Creekside does not have a webpage,
but they are on facebook.

Email Carolyn cxdavis@hotmail.com for more detailed info.


I've not bought 100% grassfed before. Anyone know how the price of $3.40/lb
hanging weight compares to other places that sell cow shares?
I've bought a share of Harkey's beef and have been very pleased with it.



Here is the general info:----------------------------------



"Many of you have group ordered local beef from Harkey Farms and we will be
continuing that as well as adding Creekside Farm Beef to the offering. Please
note: You are purchasing from these farms; I am simply facilitating the group

Here are the two options:

Harkey Farms
Harkey Farms is run by a multigenerational farm family just north of Mt.
Pleasant, NC. Unlike conventional commercial beef farms, their animals are
raised in the pasture and are mostly grass fed. They receive no antibiotics or
growth hormones. Their beef do receive some locally grown grain as a supplement
and to finish them. Although not 100% grass fed, the animals provide a quality
product at an excellent price.

Price: $1.90/lb. of hanging weight (this includes the beef, Cruse Meat
Processing and handling fees)
To give you an idea of price -- Total Price of ¼ Beef (based on 700 lb. hanging
weight*) is: $332.50; 1/8 = $166.25

Creekside Farms
Creekside Farms is a small family operated farm located just north of Mt.
Pleasant, NC. The farm was started by the VonCannon's for the simple reason to
provide much of their own food and raise their child(ren) around a farming
environment. They offer naturally raised 100% grass fed beef which are
antibiotic & hormone free. The result is a leaner meat which provides their
customers with a superior product both in taste and nutrition. Due to the length
of time to raise a 100% grass-fed beef to maturity, there is additional expense

Price: $3.40/lb of hanging weight (this includes the beef, Matkins Meat
Processing and handling fees)
To give you an idea of price -- Total Price of ¼ Beef (based on 600 lb. hanging
weight*) is: $510.00; 1/8 = $255.00

By purchasing from a local farmer -- there is true accountability in our system.
You know who is raising your food. You know who to talk with if you have
questions and you know that the farmer is eating the same food that he is
selling to you.

We will take deposits for the group orders until May 14, 2010. A deposit will
secure your order – please email me at cxdavis@hotmail.com to get the detailed
information sheet on how the process will work and include your site & screen
name with your request (ie., CM - davismom).

*The exact total for your beef purchase will be determined based on the hanging
weight of the animal for which you are a part.

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