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Your active child may receive a good wallop on the head as she runs, climbs and plays, but as long she is up and running again after the injury, it is not likely that she has sustained serious damage.

You should watch her for the next 24 hours, though, since the symptoms of a serious head injury may be delayed. Check with your doctor at least by telephone for
any head injury that causes even momentary loss of consciousness. And,
for infants, consult the
doctor for all but minor head injuries.

Be alert for such symptoms as severe or repeated vomiting, dazed or confused behavior, increased irritability, restlessness, a personality
change or drowsiness during the times when your child would ordinarily
be alert. According to doctors, you should also watch out for headache
that is not relieved by over-the-counter headache remedies.

Other symptoms that indicate problems include slurred speech, a stiff neck, double vision, difficulty seeing, pupils of unequal size, weak limbs,
fluid or blood draining from the
nose or mouth or a slowed rate of breathing.

If you see an obvious wound, dent or fracture in your child's skull--and some bleeding--you should take immediate action.

If in an emergency situation the doctors at the hospital would usually do the following. First they do an observation on the head injury. They can give mild painkillers in a presence of a headache and
anti nausea tablets for nausea or vomiting. The patient may be advised
not to eat or drink. An x-ray of the neck will also be performed if
there are neck pains then if also needed a CT scan. If it is a mild
injury the patient can be discharged to go straight home with family or

At home,you can do these home care tips. Rest quietly for the day and put ice packs on the swollen and painful areas. Take homeopathic Arnica Montana for bruising, swelling, or Hypericum for pain.

Due to the fact the head injury have no specific treatment other than plenty of rest and not to overdo things, there are some common recovery
issues that need to be keep in mind. It is only common to not be able to
remember the details that happened during the head injury. It is normal
to feel tired than usual. It will take some time for the brain to
recover from a recent head injury that headaches, dizziness and mild
cognitive problems will still occur. Examples of these cognitive
problems are difficulty in concentrating, remembering things and
performing complicated tasks. The usual recovery period would only be a
few days but if it does still continue then a visit to the local doctor
would be advisable.

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