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Know Your Farms is a local food club that focuses on providing extremely high-quality local food to their members around the Charlotte metro area. The club currently has offerings from over 20 small family farms all within 30 miles or so of the Charlotte metro area. This is a great way to support the local farms and eat healthy. The website is www.knowyourfarms.com. All meats are hormone/anti-biotic free and all-natural. Most produce is organically grown, a few farms are organically certified.

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This sounds like an amazing service! I'm going to read about the individual farms and see if the offerings are different than the Matthews Farmer's Market, for the products we need. I'm delighted to see a distribution source for LOCAL farmers. Plus, so many dates and locations for pick-up!!

Here is a fascinating article about the high salicylate issue in many fruits and vegetables. Apparently, vine ripened product allows the salicylates to breakdown naturally and are replaced by anti-oxidants! The salicylates in the produce inhibit the uptake of many vitamins and minerals making the produce significantly less nutritious. The conclusion is that "Green picked fruit has almost no vitamins and minerals."

Buying vine-ripened, local produce will allow the benefits of the produce.


Thanks for sharing!

Is this affordable. Our budget is so tight.

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