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We have only two folks RSVP'd to come tonight. I hope that others will join us. My husband comes home early so that I can attend. But, if we are going to have limited participation, I'd rather cancel the gathering in advance.

What are your thoughts? Are the days, times, frequencies an issue? Same with the MNO?

Thanks, Pat

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I've had Bee School for the past 2 months on Tuesday nights. It's made the MNOs impossible and extra nights off hard. I'm saving my time to see Tori's presentation on Sunday. I will be back with the MNOs in April.

We had some big turn outs earlier this year. I do hope people will give us some feedback here so we can figure out a way to keep it going. I've really enjoyed them in the past and met lots of neat people. It's just a fun night out.

I was all set to go to the grocery shopping gig, and then couldn't make it! I think most of my problem right now is I have to drive my kids to take care of the horses every single day, plus soccer runs, which my husband has actually been good about helping me with. A lot of this problem will be taken care of when we move to the farm next month. Someone will then BE there, ready to take care of the animals! I also had my Tuesday nights tied up at bee school, which is over soon. I will be more social once we get out of this rental! Promise! :o)

So, can anyone fill me in on the grocery shopping event? Like what were your top 3 tips you came away with??

Cheers, Francie

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