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Hi Does anyone have any recomendations of a company in Charlotte who sells natural latex mattresses? Thanks

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Oh, I saw the thread title and was hoping you had a source - LOL! Maybe someone will chime in with one. I've just seen them on-line.

Sorry, no ideas. I know some folks have issues with latex allergies, however.

Have you considered making an organic cotton or wool topper for the current mattress? My friend did that. Much cheaper and washable (water-repellent) too.

Hi Pat, well our current mattress is old and had no support left and leaving my poor husband with a sore back when he wakes up each morning. It's time for a new mattress so I thought to invest in a green alternative. My husband wants to be able to test it out before purchasing it (even with a 90 day trial offered on many on line sites). We tested a Serta latex mattress with an organic cotton topper that we liked. I just don't want to get dupped into a product that I think would be a healthier alternative but really isn't. Thanks for your in put.

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