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If there is difficulty in breathing or dizziness and nausea, seek
medical advice. If you don’t know if your child is allergic to honeybee
venom, watch for swelling in the throat that might affect breathing.

Mud. (for immediate relief in the yard or away from home)
Baking soda: mix the baking soda with vinegar and apply the thick paste
to the wound.

Apple Cider Vinegar: The raw kind. Spectrum or Braggs are good brands,
available at all health food stores. If bitten or stung, dab apple cider
vinegar as soon as possible on the bite to draw out any poison and to
prevent swelling. Thyme and rosemary infused in the vinegar are
especially effective.

Apply an ice pack or cold compress to sting for at least 15 minutes.

1. Garlic cloves: This one is quite popular and is touted as one of the
best for the pain of a sting. Crush a garlic clove to release the garlic
juices and press it against the sting.

2. Lavender essential oils: Just a drop on the sting site is all you
need. The essential oils in the lavender are supposed to neutralize the
venom immediately.

3. Baking soda and water: This one seems to have been around forever,
but it’s a favorite. Mix the baking soda and water to form a thick paste
then slather it onto the skin. Don’t wash it off.

4. Peanut butter: This was a new one for me. Again, people everywhere
seem to find it effective. I’m anxious to try it, I mean, I am; but I’m
not, you know?

5. Plantain (Plantago spp.): Plantain is a common weed that apparently
had medicinal properties when it comes to bee stings. It makes itself at
home almost everywhere, but whether you can find it around your home or
not will depend on how obsessed you are with your yard or garden.

6. Calendula (Calendula officinalis) flowers: Prepare flowers by
crushing enough of them to get a good juice content and apply to sting.

7. Bee Balm (Monarda didyma) leaves: Prepare the leaves the same way as

8. Basil: Using crushed basil leaves is said to be extremely effective
for pain caused by stings.

9. Onion: Cut an onion in half and press the inside of it (the juicy
part) on the sting.

10. Honey: So, how ironic is this? I mean, it seems only fitting that if
the bees have the sting; they also have the cure. Pour some honey on
the affected site.

11. Parsley: I would crush quite a bit of parsley so you could really
get some juice to try this one.


Salt paste on the sting will help to draw out the venom.
A paste of baking soda and water will help with the pain and swelling.
(apply for 30-60 minutes)
Apply vinegar to the site.
Make a paste of meat tenderizer and apply.

Natural Bee Repellants- Taking daily supplements of vitamin B1, Brewer’s
Yeast, Zinc or Garlic (odorless garlic) will reduce your chances of
being bitten.


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I put this under "bug bites" already but we use the homeopathic remedy Ledum, Apis cream and/or lavender EO.

This may be hard to write out but when you have a stinger in you, you want to use a sharp object (can be a fingernail) to swipe away from the skin. If you pinch you actually squirt more of the "poison" in and can have a greater reaction.

I'm a bee keeper and thankfully my bees are sweet and rarely sting, but it does happen occasionally.

Pat, an easy thing to do is keep a bottle of Melaleuca Oil in your Kitchen cabinet and medicine cabinet. After yanking the stinger out, apply a drop on the sting (or bite) - you don't have to touch it the area - and the Melaleuca Oil takes the "sting" away immediately and penetrates to start healing right away from the inside out and preventing secondary infection. You may want to reapply every 15 min. until the symptoms go away. I also keep a tube or disk on Melaleuca Gel in the car and/or in my purse for when I'm out and about. This also works the same way on ant and mosquito bites.

For the unaware (I had to look it up just now) Melaleuca Oil is tea tree oil. I didn't know!

Elsewhere, I was cautioned that 5% TTO can be very caustic as essential oils are very strong. What dilution do you recommend? And where did you purchase it?

(It sounds like the tto camphor aroma might be an antidote for homeopathy also, as an aside.)

Levi got stung by a wasp on the pad of his thumb just last week. I used my homemade plantain salve. It didn't seem be quite strong enough so I ran out in the yard and picked some fresh plantain and lamb's ear leaves. I crushed them with a small bit of ice and held it on the sting for about 1-2 minutes. It worked wonderful.

Do you all grow plantain by intention or is it growing in my yard?!?

Pat - is this a trick questions!!? Kidding. No, I didn't plant it. It is growing on it's own. But I always send out my welcome to all the wild plants that want to find a home in my yard.....

Plantain is very abundant. I am sure you have some in your yard.
Hmmm... I tried to google about it and what I find doesn't look like something in my yard, however.

Anyone have a photo of this 'plantain' plant that one would chew and make a paste out of??

Thanks. It sounds fabulous!

Here is a link to a picture of wide leave (or common) plantain. There is also narrow leave (or English) plantain. they are almost the same and can be used interchangeable.

Does it grow in the sun? I have very little sun on our property and where there is sun, is near the street/grass and it gets broadcast herbicide. (hiding) I haven't seen this plant on our property. I'll check in the clearing near the power lines where it is sunny. Can I grow it? Want to share some? :-)

I have seen it growing in sun and shade. Sure I will share some if you can't find any in your yard. I would also check in Anna's back yard. I am sure she would have some growing there.
We've been hunting for weeds in our backyards with hopeful anticipation. Anna found some chickweed which she's been sampling. I'm still paranoid about eating wild things. I might just have to order from Mountain Rose Herbs. :-)


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