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NAET : Has anyone heard/used this method for eliminating food allergies??


I've been doing research on things that I can do to help my both of my children (1 who has MANY food intolerances and 1 who has severe food allergies) and came across this site from a blogger who's a chapter leader for the WAPF. I'm still researching more but thought I'd throw it in here to see if someone can give me some feedback.

Many thanks!

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I've known lots of people who swear by it. It can be expensive. It think it's easier with food allergies because you have to avoid the substance you are clearing for at least 24 hours, it may be longer.

I'm sure Pat will have more to say on the subject :)

I've never heard of it, but am very interested in learning more... anything to help with my little ones' food intolerances... it looks like there is a doctor on Sardis Rd (NAET of Carolina). Have you called to talk to anyone yet?
I just called the NAET of Carolina, and they charge $90 for the first visit, and then 50$ per visit after that.
Thanks, Christine-
I've not even made a call to the office yet because I was till researching but it does look interesting! Thanks for reporting back w/pricing!
I've heard folks really benefit, or think it was a waste of money. I don't see a pattern to predict their outcomes. It seems to be practitioner specific; and perhaps, depends upon the ability to avoid the allergen 100% for the 25 hours. And many foods, like corn, dairy, soy, wheat are in about everything, with hidden euphemistic names.

It is very expensive, from what I've heard. My perspective is that there are whole food nutritional ways to maximize the digestion, absorption, and detox of food toxins and toxic byproducts. But, some of that requires rethinking how we prepare our foods, not so much *which* foods we avoid. Optimizing nutrient bio-availability is cheaper and a more holistic alternative, imo. But, NAET can be a "quick fix". For my money, organic whole foods seems more healing. And classical homeopathy has been beneficial for us also.

There are many alternatives and many ways to spend your money. :-)

Hi there - I used to have multiple food allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities. I had a daughter who had the same. We used NAET for a while with good results, then found a self-treatment that works via some of the same principles called TAT.

There is a free download (to the right on the site) which you can start using right away. They also have a CD series on allergies as well as DVDs on the subject. You can choose to work with a Certified Professional, and there are several in the Charlotte Area ( I love the method so much I am now a Trainer) though physical distance is not an issue. Since the steps are self-applied you can even work with someone over the phone to facilitate when you are first starting if you wish.

I agree with Pat that organic whole foods are very healing, and we turn to homeopathy for actute illness as well.
Health and Happiness to you!
I have several friends who swear by NAET for their allergies to dust, cats, pollen and dogs.

My 8 year old nephew also received NAET for several allergies that he had. My sister was terrible about patient compliance, but even so, her son no longer has allergies to dogs or dairy. His nut allergy was not fixed, but I also believe this had a lot to do with the fact that she refused to follow any of the doctor's orders. If you find a particularly well qualified NAET specialist and you actually are willing to do what they advise, I think it could really help with food allergies.
Hi -

Myself, my daughter and husband did NAET. I found it helped at first, then symptoms returned. The chir in Michigan that used is now doing NMT and seemed to work better. It really helped with my hay fever. I haven't found anyone hear that does that. Also, allergies will lessen when you eat less sugar/ white flour carbs.

Both of my boys have been through SRT, which is similar to NAET. SRT combines kinesiology, homeopathy and acupressure. We have had great success with it. It was expensive, initially. The doctor we go to is a doctor of osteopathy in Cleveland, Ohio. We were able to to get some of our treatments covered under insurance through out of network provider coverage. I wonder if an FSA account could pay for it as well. We now go back to her 1-2x/year for maintenance. Here is a link to the doctor we go to and more info on SRT.


Hey Tori,

Can I ask you for an update on this? have you tried NAET? My son, Jacob, almost 18 months old, has a life-theratening allergy to eggs and several other less severe allergies, so i am very curious to hear if you have tried this and what results you might have had. Thanks! Megan
Hi, Megan-
I have looked into the NAET treatment and I'm still torn on the reviews from people that I have asked about this. It appears that the people I have talked to about NAET have either had it work for their food allergies of not work at all. So , we have not pursued treatment at this time. If money were more abundant I would most likely try this route but I just can't justify paying that much on treatment with a mixed review on the outcome of the treatment. Sorry that I don't have more helpful information. Good luck and please keep me apprised if you do decide to do it (my 4 yo has a severe allergy to eggs too!).
Hi Tori,

I used to practice with a doctor in California who used NAET. It seems to work for some allergies. I am a holistic chiropractor and just started practicing again after taking a few years off. I had a patient who did the whole NAET book; many years with a doctor. She still had some allergies so she came to see me. I practice an allergy harmonization technique created by Total Body Modification. I have been using their allergy technique for more than 10 years with many great results. I also use NET, an emotional healing technique, which is very helpful with allergies as well as other imbalances. It seems the most common factor with allergies is the inflammatory response which can be controlled through diet and nutritonal support. Best in health!

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